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Grade A Jade Barrel Pendant In Stainless Steel Chain
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Grade A Jade Barrel Pendant In Stainless Steel Chain

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Type of Product : Jade

Size of product : 17 inches

Colour : Green

Shape : Hollow

Type of Metal : Stainless Steel Chain

Jade provides healing properties and filling your spirit with courage, your trusted companion on any spiritual adventure. Use Jade healing properties to open up your heart to unconditional love and feel the power of the universe. When it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance into your life, the Jade stone is the ultimate good luck charm.


Proper storage in a clean cotton or silk jewelry pouch insulates gemstones from other jewelry pieces. To protect your gemstones from the acids in perspiration, we suggest that you wipe them gently with a clean cloth after every wearing

 - Do not keep gemstones near heaters or in places that get strong sunlight, such as a windowsill.
- Never clean gemstones in an ultrasonic cleaner.
- Never use detergent or bleaches or baking soda or ammonia based products.


3-5 Working Days-(WM)

5-10 Working Days-(EM)

FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia.

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